Interview with Kim Frederiksen – AKA Psycho from Budbrain

The first demo that we did, I learned everything during the programming of that demo. We probably started like late 1988, or like early 1989 ... Every time I didn’t go to school, I was working on this stuff with my friend

Budbrain Mega demo

One of my all-time favourite Amiga demos has to be without a doubt, the Budbrain Mega demo. Created by two guys from Denmark, Psycho and Diablo, and released at The Silents Red Sector Amiga Conference in 1990.

Dan Wood and Ravi Abbott from The Retro Hour were lucky enough to sit down with non-other than Kim Frederiksen, a.k.a. Psycho, the original coder of the Budbrain Mega demo to ask him how he first got started in the Amiga demo scene and what prompted him and Diablo to spend a year of their youth crafting one of the greatest Amiga demos of all time.

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