Pixel Art

My desire to create artwork on a computer developed after my parents bought me my first ever Amiga A500 which came packaged with Deluxe Paint II. At first, I never showed much interest in drawing on a computer, I found Deluxe Paint pretty boring because it basically wasn’t a game of any sort.

It wasn’t until the day I sat down and started to really understand the program and what you could actually create with it that I became hooked. I have fond memories of sitting for hours in front of my little CRT TV doodling away on Deluxe Paint. So much so, I thought I would share with you some of the pixel art I’ve created over the years on various platforms.

Sadly, I rarely get to draw on computers like I did when I was a teenager but it is something I would really like to start doing again soon. Especially on my Amiga.

Commodore Amiga: Deluxe Paint

Windows: MS Paint