Egg Timer

Simple, free egg timer that also includes a slider for setting a custom time between ten seconds or ten minutes. Alarm will sound four times when the countdown reaches zero.


  • Time slider for setting a custom time duration
  • Preset buttons with set time durations for soft, medium and hard
  • Stop timer at any time
  • Alarm sounds once timer reaches zero


  • Dark/light theme support

Additional Information:


  • Promotional material contains a photo by Krisztina Papp from Pexels

Release Notes

Version: 1.0.86

  • 2023-08-24
    • Updated dependencies
    • Added light/dark theme support
    • Altered theme and button colours
    • Code refactoring
    • App optimization
    • Adjusted positioning of start/stop button
    • Adjusted the width and height constraints of egg image
    • Reworked preset buttons layout

Version: 1.0.13

  • 2022-05-24
    • Updated dependencies

Version: 1.0.10

  • 2022-02-24
    • Updated dependencies
    • Fixed AdView element constraint issue.
    • Added AdMob ID string resources.
    • Removed unused code.
    • Updated MediaPlayer code.
    • Updated orientation code.

Version: 1.0.0

  • 2021-03-09
    • Initial release

Privacy Policy

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Personal Information

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DataBy Default
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