C64 : A Visual Commpendium

C64: A Visual Commpendium Book

Today, the postman really did deliver. I received my copy of C64 : A Visual Commpendium by Bitmap Books.

This book celebrates the visual side of the Commodore 64, starting from the early days with games such as Jupiter landing and working it’s way through to classics such as Mayhem in Monsterland and Lemmings. I absolutely love this book, the design, layout and print quality is astounding.

From the moment I turned the first page I was flooded with memories of my childhood. The endless amount of hours I spent playing most of the games featured in this book. The real treat though, was realising the games you had completely forgot all about. Seeing the images again just jogs your memory and takes you back to the last time you played them.

The Last Ninja artwork
The Last Ninja artwork

This book began as a Kickstarter project by Sam Dyer and the response has been astounding! So much so, that Sam is now planning on making a book on the Commodore Amiga also. I absolutely can not wait for that!

You can purchase a copy of C64 : A Visual Commpendium from www.funstock.co.uk

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