Gone Home Homerunner Trophy

After finally unlocking the Homerunner trophy in Fullbright’s first-person adventure exploration game, Gone Home, I thought I would share this short video on how I managed to achieve this godforsaken trophy.

This must be the first game I have ever played where the developers have boasted that you can complete the game in less than a minute. When I first looked through the trophy list and seen this trophy, I didn’t really have very high hopes for this game. I was happily surprised though, this isn’t a bad game at all … Except for this trophy.

Let’s make no mistake, this trophy is glitchy. This trophy almost made me ‘gone insane’. I’m must have tried over twenty times before finally getting this trophy to pop.

Finally, after doing the following, I got the trophy to unlock ..

  • Deleted the game from my PS4, then re-installed it.
  • Deleted the save file from my PS4.
  • I adjusted the look sensitivity in the Options > Controls menu by two notches to the right.
  • On this particular play through, I never made contact with the bannister at the bottom of the stairs. All other times I attempted this, I made contact with the bannister while turning to start climbing the stairs.
  • I also never looked down when climbing the attic stairs. All other attempts at this, I looked down.
  • I skipped all credits. The phone call you hear at the start where Katie is telling her Mom to ‘seriously not come and pick her up’, I skipped all of that and I skipped the credits at the end.

This is what worked for me, … eventually. I hope this helps you.

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