The Problem with Trophies and Achievements

The Problem with Trophies and Achievements

Since the introduction of trophies/achievements in video games, I’ve always been less than satisfied with how the whole process works and is implemented. In my opinion, the whole idea needs a huge rethink.

When trophies/achievements first started appearing in games, I despised them, and I pretty much still do. In the past, I could play a game, enjoy it, complete it and move on to the next game on my list. Now, whenever I play a game and complete it, I then have to play the game again (or again and again …) in order to clean up the remaining trophies/achievements that I never got on the previous play through. This is something I appear to have no control over, my brain just will not let it go.

What’s even more frustrating about this whole process, is the fact that the trophies/achievements you are going back in for are either the trophies/achievements which force you to play the game again on a ridiculous difficulty setting, which ends up ruining the gaming experience for you.

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